You Don’t Have To Travel Far To Get Good Photos

Written by Gina Stephens

This is something everybody under the sun can have a go it. It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion or a flat or usually shoot landscapes or portraits as this will give you the chance to contemplate out of the box a little and really help you improve your photography.

Of course, if you live on the coast or in the Highlands or Lakes, you have got it slightly easier than some. But there are notions to be captured everywhere, you just have to get out there and find them!

If you really don't fancy shooting near your home pick a spot you love or know well and see how only having a few meters to work in will make you think differently.


Gear Suggestions

If you're not nomadic far you can set out your full array of lenses on your side and return to pick up what you need although your standard zoom will do a extremely good job.

If you do have a variety of lenses to pick from your macro lens will be good for giving the ordinary a unique twist while a longer telephoto commitment get you close to birds in the garden without having to be sat on the branch next to them. If you're out in the garden you may need a tripod when using a longer lens but on the other hand working hand-held will be fine.

What To Shoot?

Look at everyday objects differently. See how a fork, TV remote or even a shoelace look adjacent to up through a macro lens. Or try setting yourself a little challenge: shoot household objects, certain packets or how about items beginning with a fastidious letter or number? Try shooting candids of neighbours or how about limiting the number of pictures you take?

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You can go on a mini safari in your garden, photograph birds from your window or fire the flowers that are now decorating our beds. Have a go at photographing micro landscapes on dull days or how about capturing raindrops as they fall down your windows or disembark on plants? If you don't mind early starts, you can shoot some photos of morning dew or spend some time with your pets, photographing their antics.

As the months hot under the collar up you'll be able to spot Ladybirds to photograph but while the weather's still chilly, why not stay indoors and shoot some still memoirs work: kitchen utensils, cutlery and food.

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