World’s Smallest Photo Festival Returns To Antiparos

Written by Gina Stephens


The Antiparos Universal Photo Festival (AIPF) will, once again, be taking place on the tiny Greek island of Antiparos is a small island in the southern Aegean, at the heart of the Cyclades, which is less than one nautical mile (1.9 km) from Paros, in July.  

This year, 'The Sea' see fit be the theme for the 7th Antiparos International Photo Festival, which will be held on the Greek island of Antiparos from 6 to 14 July.

"We are entrancing photographers from all over the world to show us their vision of the sea. It may be a reflection of its majesty, of how we relate to it, or it may be an uncomfortable truth. We leave that to our photographers to luxuriate in," says the Festival organisers. "Naturally, the sea is of crucial importance to a small island in the Cyclades, but this year we want to extend this keynote further to cover all aspects of our relationship with the ocean, from fishing and shipping to tourism, and pollution."

Photographers wishing to submit line should visit the Antiparos International Photo Festival website before 29 March 2019. 


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