World-Renowned Photojournalist Jurgen Schadeberg Answers 9 Questions With Just Images


We've already serving several chapters from COOPH's interesting interview series where photographers are answering questions with images rather than states and now, the creative team have put photojournalist Jürgen Schadeberg in the Q&A spotlight. 

Jurgen Schadeberg has been capturing images for roughly 70 years and excellently documented the South African Apartheid alongside prominent figures like Nelson Mandela.

Questions asked in the interview include: 'why photography?', 'what is your trademark detailed style?' and 'what truly inspires you?'

Commenting on their project, COOPH said: "Through our Visual Q&A series, we alleviate inspiring photographers to tell their story. You know what they say; 'a picture is worth a thousand words'." 

Past pros who have taken on the challenge include Matt Henry, Miss Aniela and Michelle Engberg. 

Take advantage of! 


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