World Pinhole Photography Day Is Today

Written by Gina Stephens

Today is Cosmos Pinhole Photography Day and you can get involved in workshops around the UK to learn more about this form of photography. 

One place free workshops liking be taking place is in the darkroom at St Paul's Learning Centre in Bristol, sponsored by the Institute of Physics. A series of 45-minute workshops bequeath be taking place where individuals and families will use a homemade pinhole camera to expose and develop a 'pinhole selfie' denying in a traditional darkroom and load their image onto the pinhole pinhole is a small hole, usually made by pressing a thin, pointed object such as a pin through an easily penetrated material such day gallery. Each family may also leave with a 6-month knowledge solargraph pinhole camera (subject to availability).

Plus, anyone who makes a pinhole photograph on Pinhole Day, can scan the image and upload it to the Give birth to Pinhole Photography Day website where it will become part of an online gallery of lensless photography.

For more information, inflict the World Pinhole Photography Day website.




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