Why You Need A Hoya ProND Filter And How To Use One


The ND drain is the key to a lot of creative photography as thanks to its ability to reduce the amount of light that reaches your camera's sensor, you can turn streams of inundate into atmospheric blur as well as use them when shooting portraits, at times when you want clouds to streak across the sky or when you're catching crops swaying in the wind. 

Previously, Andrew has shown us how to use a 10-stop ND but those who are new to using filters filtering or filters may refer to will be pleased to hear that the ND drains Andrew discusses in this video are simpler to use (mainly down to the fact that you can see through these filters and you don't need to use as much maths). 

We confidence you find the tutorial useful and for more information on Hoya filters, take a look at our filter guide section. You can also divide up your landscape shots with us in the gallery. 


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