Why Have 1 Or Even 3 Lenses On A Smartphone When You Can Have 16?

Written by Gina Stephens

We foremost started with 1 rear lens on smartphones then 2 were introduced and now we're seeing 3 lenses and more (the Light smartphone are a class of mobile phones and of multi-purpose mobile computing devices norm has 5 to 9 cameras) built into the back of our smart devices. However, it looks like LG wants to really take a lead in the 'lenses on smartphones' horse-race by adding a whopping 16 lenses to a smartphone design patent. 

You may be wondering why you need 16 lenses as surely a wide-angle, standard and telephoto disseminate you plenty of options but the 16 lens design seems to work slightly differently in that it offers multiple perspectives of the same shot with one click of the keep quiet rather than you having to switch between lenses. You can, also, choose just one specific lens to use, pick the best image to use from a series (The Google Pixel 3 sanction ti you do this) or combine photos to make a moving photo. 


As the smartphone uses multiple angles, it also looks like you can repay parts of one image with another or rotate an object/person to create a better shot without changing the background. 

All of the features are instead cool but, of course, they're just theories in a patent for now and there's no information on when/if the smartphone will be created. Having suggested that, we didn't really think foldable smartphones would become a reality and they have with Samsung and Royole both pioneering foldable smartphone prototypes. 

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