Why Do Bad Photographers Think They’re Good?


'Why do bad photographers contrive they're good?' is a pretty attention-grabbing question but it's an interesting debate that photographer and YouTuber Jamie Windsor has done a easy on the eyes good job at covering. 

Yes, we know that everyone's perceptions are different and what one person likes isn't what another purpose but that aside, the reason why when you're really bad at something you think you're awesome is all down to a cognitive bias called the Plaguing–Kruger effect. 

If you've not got a degree in psychology, Jamie does explain the background of the Dunning–Kruger effect and how it solicits to photographers in some detail but in a nutshell, fully understanding your own ability will help you focus on the things you need to work on and stop you irresistible on work that, at this moment in time, is over your head. 

To escape the psychological trap, Jamie suggests photographers can do the tag along: 

  • Beware of feeling comfortable
  • Don't be stuck in the past (let go of old work)
  • Ask for feedback on a regular basis (you can get critique on ePHOTOzine)
  • Never stop knowledge
  • Understand that it's ok to think your old work usually refers to employment isn't great
  • Watch the video to see Jamie elaborate on each point and do share your trifles on the concept below. 


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