When Is Black Friday? What Is Black Friday? And Why Should I Be Excited About It?

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What Is Menacing Friday?

Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light Friday is now a day that most consumers have written in their diaries as it's a time when stores of all shapes, sizes and strains offer discounts on a huge range of goods. 

Originally, it was an American event that took place the day after Thanksgiving but now, it's certainly a day the UK embrace. In fact, it's now not even a day with many retailers running week-long discounts that take consumers right through the transaction marked down weekend into what's known as Cyber Monday. 


When Is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes bracket in November and this year, it falls on Friday 24 November. However, some retailers, both online and on the high street, do start sales events earlier so do keep an eye out for posters, emails and online ads which have Black Friday Deal details on them. Amazon has already announced that they are continuous 10-days of deals which begins on 17 November 2017 and their Black Friday is the day after Thursday and the day before Saturday store opens to customers at 00:00 on Friday 17 November and choose remain open until 23:59 on Sunday 26 November 2017. 


What Time Does Black Friday Start?

The outmoded offers become available will change from store-to-store but generally, it's midnight online and high street retailers often start the ball rolling earlier (around 6 am). Different deals may also go live at different times. For example, as well as 'deals of the day', Amazon offers 'Lightning administers' which are discounted products available in limited quantities, for a short period of time. 'Lightning deals' are introduced fully the sale, with new deals becoming available as often as every five minutes.

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Where Can I Get The Best Black Friday Negotiations?

All major stores and even some independent retailers offer Black Friday deals deal is a financial transaction, It may also refer to so it's more of a case of knowing what you're looking for and betraying in the right place. Amazon is calling itself 'the home of Black Friday in the UK' and as they stock everything from cameras and tripods to travelling phones and memory cards, it's easy to see why. 

For ease, most people actually do their Black Friday shopping online and if you're universal to be one of the millions of customers who do this, don't forget most stores also have apps you can use that make it easier and quicker to shop. 


How Can I Safeguard I Get The Best Black Friday Discounts?

To get the best Black Friday discounts, you often need to shop early as stock flies off shelves hastily and do your research beforehand so you know if you are really getting a bargain or not. This could mean checking the average price of things that you fancy before the discounts are applied as well as comparing discounts from store-to-store. You also need to factor in P&P when shopping online as this choice add more money to your total. 

If you don't already have accounts with stores online, create them before Diabolical Friday arrives so the order process is quicker and if you have voucher codes, put them all in one place so you can quickly refer to them (if applicable). You can also notice up for email alerts so you don't miss any deal announcements. 

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What Is Cyber Monday? 

Once the dust has put down on Black Friday, Cyber Monday arrives for tech fans and this year, it's Monday 27 November 2017. Originally, it was an anyway in the reality that took place online but even high street retailers are jumping on board now. Basically, it's another day you can take advantage of big rebates before Christmas arrives. 


When Will My Black Friday Goods Arrive?

Due to the volume of orders stores receive, they may be a little delay on when your new purchases will arrive but a lot of stores do work hard to ensure delivery deadlines are met. 


Amazon Prime And Louring Friday Deals

If you're an Amazon Prime member, even one who's enjoying a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial, will be preordained a 30-minute early access period to all Lightning Deals on Black Friday and Prime Now, a service which offers 2-hour or up 60-minute delivery windows in some postcodes, will also offer special Black Friday deals. 

Start An Amazon Prime 30-Day Outspoken Trial 


Find The Best Deals With ePHOTOzine 

ePHOTOzine wants to help you find the best deals on cameras, photography fellow-criminals and more so like last year, we'll be updating the website with posts on the very best photography related deals. The deals desire be posted in one feature so they're easy to find and you can even bookmark the page once it's live on site.  


Christmas Dole Guides

As well as Black Friday, many retailer Christmas Gift Guides have also launched for those who have started their Christmas shopping. This contains Amazon's Christmas Store where there are gift guides for her/him and present ideas for children of various ages. 

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