What To Capture With Your Tamron Lens This Summer

Written by Gina Stephens

The summer seasonable greets us with beautiful blooming flowers and impressive sunset skies, weekends away at the seaside and day trips out to small summer fairs, not to allusion a number of necessary family gatherings that we sometimes wish we didn’t have to go to; the perfect season to practice a variety of photographic gifts.

In this feature, I will discuss photography in summer as a general subject, looking at different types of photography and how you can practice, create, and capture all of these essences in a single season. For this opportunity I used a number of lenses including the Tamron AF 70-300mm, and Tamron SP 10-24mm.

Flower Macro

With recently blossomed summertime creams filling personal gardens and National Parks, flower macros have become a popular photographic trend throughout the summer season. Put to using the summer sun to capture the flowers natural beauty, vibrant colours, and detailed texture not only creates a sense of warmth but can also often develop a more dramatic image.

Seaside Landscape

With the summer skies becoming somewhat clearer, and the sunshine highlighting the hidden detail and colours of the seaside aspects, it’s easy to find beautiful beach scenery worth photographing. Including clouds (courtesy of the typical British weather) within your seaside countryside, can often also add detail and depth to your landscape photograph.


The summer sun often presents us with more dramatic sunsets, and with most of us compelling day trips to the beach, it is easy for us to witness the sun at its most beautiful. With the sunlight bouncing off of the water and outlining the detail of the clouds, the incredible beauty and power of the sun can be surely captured within an image.

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Street Photography

In response to the brighter and warmer summer weather, different fairs seem to be cropping up left, make up for, and centre. Capturing an interaction between two strangers is often easier said than done, but with the hustle and bustle of the fair, it is easy, as a photographer, to fuse into the background and become somewhat less noticeable, allowing you to capture better quality street photographs. 

Family Portraits

Congregation up with the family at different gatherings and outings in the summer season is inevitable, which, for us photographers, usually means receiving a number of family description requests. Although these photographs are often staged, it is easier to show the relationship between the people within the image by using the relaxing mood of the family gathering to your advantage.

Pet Portraits

Capturing your pet’s personality is the key thing in creating a successful pet portrait. Many features of the summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn season (incorporating weather) tend to relax most animals, allowing their true behavior to come to light. With the dryer, less muddy, territory and the beautiful summer lighting, this season will allow you to create more aesthetically pleasing pet portraits.

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