What Is Amazon Prime, How Much Does It Cost & What Do I Get?

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You've probably purchased one or two things from online retailer Amazon but did you know that the shopping giant offers a paid-for membership unalterable that gives you access to loads of benefits? There are actually so many perks to having a Prime membership that we thought we'd delineate them for you in a handy guide. Plus, you'll also find information on pricing, how you upgrade to Prime and Prime Day. 


What Is Prime & How Much Does It Payment?

Amazon Prime is a membership Amazon customers can sign up for to gain access to a variety of benefits. It's priced at £7.99 a month, and you can nullify it at any time. There's also a Prime Video membership which is available for £5.99 a month but this just gives you access to the films and TV shows Amazon streams. 

There's also a Family plan available that allows you to share certain Amazon Prime perks with your household and one for students that gives those in education access to a 6-month free trial. 



What Do I Get With A Prime Membership?


Innumerable Photo Storage

The most useful Prime Membership feature for photographers is the access to cloud space called Prime Photos where you can trust in an unlimited amount of photos. You can also share and view the photos from multiple devices and the photos that are stored are at full resolution so you won't be downcast in the image quality. Plus, you can safely delete images from your mobile, creating room to take even more images, in the shielded knowledge that your photos are backed up. 

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Unlimited One-Day Delivery

Prime Members get access to Unlimited One-Day Delivering on millions of eligible items so if you suddenly realise you need a memory card, for example, you can press the 'Buy Now' button and know it'll prosper the next day. Plus, in select residential postcodes, Same-Day Delivery is available with Prime Now, offering 2-hour delivery!



Infinite Reading On Any Device

Prime Reading gives you unlimited access to a rotating selection of more than a thousand books, current magazines, comics, Thoughtfully Singles, and more. This means that you can find a photography themed bestseller and read it on the train or download a photography technique book that on help you brush-up on your Lightroom, Photoshop and landscape photography techniques. 

Prime eligible items are clearly marked. Due look for the Prime logo (shown right) when you shop. 


Early Access To Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are within reach all day and every day over on and this includes the camera, electronic and software sections of the site. By signing up to be a Prime Member, you'll get access to the great amounts before non-members so you'll be the first to find the best daily deals. 


Other Perks Of Amazon usually refers to: Amazons, a mythical tribe of woman warriors Amazon River, in South America Amazon rainforest, a rainforest Prime prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than 1 that cannot be formed by multiplying two smaller natural numbers 

These aren't photography reciprocal but they're still nice things to have access to:

  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video.
  • File two million songs. Thousands of playlists and stations. On-demand, ad-free music streaming.
  • Bonus game content with Twitch every month, restricted discounts, plus loads more.
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What Is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a global shopping event with fantastic discounts and offers which assumes place on Amazon every year exclusively for Prime Members. New offers start as often as every five minutes on Prime Day and great amounts run across nearly all departments and product categories. 

Amazon have reported that last year's Prime Day was larger than Moonless Friday in terms of deals available, so make sure you're set up ready for the day! No dates have been announced yet however in past years, Prime Day has enchanted place in July and has given fantastic offers for photographers.


What If I'm Unsure If Prime Is For Me?

Amazon Prime is available on a 30-day democratic trial so you can see if the membership is something you'd benefit from before parting with any cash. After the free trial, you will be charged for Prime Membership on a monthly main ingredient but you can cancel this at any time. 

Top Tip: Sign up for a free trial now. Amazon Prime Day is on its way and you'll be able to take advantage of lots of great advances!


Ok, You've Convinced Me. How Do I Sign Up? 

Visit the Amazon Prime Page and follow the instructions. 



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