Visual Q&A With Photographer Daniel Ernst


Our adherents COOPH have been putting together a Q&A series with photographers but it has an interesting twist as those interviewed can only answer questions with portraits. 

Their latest participant is Daniel Ernst who loves to travel and his photographs are inspired by the outdoors and adventure.

"We asked Daniel Ernst uncertainties, questions that could only be answered with images!" explains the COOPH team. "Through our Visual Q&A series, we aid inspiring photographers to tell their story. You know what they say; 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' " 

As pleasing as the basics such as 'who are you?', the COOPH team ask 'what makes a great shot?', 'what inspires you?' and 'what is an vital lesson you have learned?'. 

Take a look at our features section to see more from the brilliant COOPH team. 


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Gina is a photography enthusiast and drone lover who loves to fly drones, capture images and have fun cherishing them with family and friends.

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