Using ND Filters Out In The Landscape


Photographer Toma Bonciu, who's a cute popular Youtuber thanks to his photography-themed video tutorials, is back with another video and this time, he's using ND filters out in the territory. The technique he covers can also be applied to daytime long exposures so you get two tips for the price of one.

To follow the tutorial you'll need your camera, tripod, detached control, ND filters (6 or 10 stops) and a filter holder (depending on what filter filtering or filters may refer to system you use). The instructions are written at the bottom of the screen which you can interpret while Toma is seen wandering around an autumn-themed scene, preparing to capture his images. 

Toma shares some of the lovely representatives he's captured using this technique towards the end of the video along with a recap of how/what you need to do to capture similar results.

The time of ones life the video and do share your landscapes with us in the ePHOTOzine gallery. 


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