Using Colour Correction Filters To Balance An Image

Written by Gina Stephens


When the spontaneous light just isn't right for an image or isn't flattering your subject matter, there are ways that this can be settled without having to wait until the post-processing stage. 

Cokin produces a range of different intensity colour correction filters, approving you to get the shot looking perfect in camera without delving into complicated white balance settings. 


What ilks of colour correction filter are available?

Cokin produces cyan (blue tones), magenta (red tones) and yellow colour or colour (Commonwealth English) is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names correction dribbles. There are 6 different intensities of each available, and they can be combined as necessary to correct any discrepancies in image colour. 


When mightiness a colour correction filter be needed?

Colour correction filters may be necessary for a variety of different situations. If the colour of the natural light or reflections of it from the accurate subject is too warm or cold, then it can appear unnatural and the image may take on an unwanted colour cast. A common example of this would be rest in snow photography when the snow-covered ground can appear blue. If you are shooting with a flash, this could give an unwanted insigne cast to the image which can be corrected with filters. 


Other uses for colour correction filters

Aside from their use as an leisurely way to correct unwanted colour casts the filters can also be used creatively to give an image a colour cast that would not normally be reachable when shooting naturally outside. Using colour correction filters can alter the look and feel of an image a lot more than you might over, and our perceptions of different colours and what they mean to us can allow you to play with the minds of your viewers. 

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All of Cokin's warp correction filters are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. The beauty of these square filters is that you can slide them in and out of the gauze mount as you wish and determine straight away using live view if they have had the desired effect. 


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