Using Cheap IKEA Lights For Product Photography


IKEA is a accomplished place to pick up reasonably priced furniture, house plants and other small goods you didn't realise you needed but you bought anyway! The illustrious Swedish store also has a very large lighting section and this is where we find quite a few tools photographers can use to improve their artefact and portrait shots. 

We've covered 'IKEA lighting portraits' previously with the help of site member John Dandier so do head over to his article if portraits and people are your thing as this particular feature is all about shooting product shots with the hands of speedlights and a reasonably priced IKEA Melodi lampshade. 

"By firing our Yongnuo 560-III speedlights through the milky diffusion of the lamp, we generate a consistent neutral collection look, that could work for a variety of products may refer to," explains product photography expert Dustin Dolby. 

In the more than tutorial, Dustin walks you through his workflow for setting up and photographing products for e-commerce and as we've come to expect from Dustin, the tutorial is complex, easy to follow and produces excellent results. 


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