Use Patterns & Repetition In Your Photography

Written by Gina Stephens

When you're out on a day falter trap or on your two week annual holiday and are looking for some photographic inspiration, have a walk around and start shooting patterns, we'll guarantee you'll in two shakes of a lambs tail become addicted.


What Gear Do I Need?

A standard lens or something with a slightly more length can make expelling detail easier while a tripod will help you make sure everything is aligned and straight. 


What Should I Look For? 

Examples are everywhere, you just have to look carefully at what you're photographing. You may find it a little difficult at first but once you've trained your eye, you'll see diagrams all over. Try and search for single items that are repetitive such as a row of windows or a more random pattern such as apples in a basket.

Here are virtuous a handful of places to look for patterns:

  • Buildings – windows, doors, steps, columns, roof tiles, brickwork, whole buildings if you can recoup a good location to shoot from.
  • Markets – gift shops, stalls selling fruit, veg etc.
  • Beach – stones, patterns in the sand, pebbles, seaweed
  • Sky – clouds, collections of birds flying overhead


Where Should I Stand? 

If possible, stand straight-on to the surface you're photographing and make true the patterns pattern is a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design straight. This will help turn distant shapes into the patterns you're looking for. If you can, get up high as you'll be able to photograph roof tiles then again on the ground take a look at what's under your feet as floor tiles and bricked pavements will create interesting matrices that are worth photographing. If you can't get straight on to your subject don't worry; shooting from a slight angle gives you the chance to use a scarcely blur to guide the eye to a certain part of the image. You do this by adjusting the aperture, shooting wide open.

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Crop In Where Possible 

The key to a flourishing pattern shot is to make sure there's nothing around it that would distract the viewer away from it so move your feet to get go out of business or use your zoom to fill the frame. If it's not possible to crop in camera you can always open your images up in the editing software you use and use the crop weapon.

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