Unsharp Mask Tool Explained In Under 2 Minutes


In subsumed under two minutes, YouTuber Run N Gun has explained exactly why you need to start using the Unsharp Mask tool in Photoshop (if you're not already). 

The Unsharp Shroud tool makes it really easy to sharpen your photographs so detail 'pops' and your photos just, well, look sick. 

As we're all short on time nowadays, the tutorial breaks down the Unsharp Mask tool in less than the time it'll quite take you to boil a kettle so there's no excuse for not hitting play on the video tutorial. 

The Unsharp Mask tool, bid so because of how it sharpens images (the video explains this), has three main sliders for applying the effect – Amount, Radius and Threshold all of which are simplified in the tutorial. 

For more Photoshop tutorials, take a look at our technique section. 


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