Unseen Photos Of Famous Rock Bands Go On Display In London

Written by Gina Stephens

Proud Inner has its second-ever exhibition on at the moment, which you can visit until 28 January 2018, and it's titled 'London Rock: The Unseen Archive' by Alec Byrne.

Alec, who was a zap rider for fleet street, got the photography bug early in life when he saw his first images emerge in the dark room. He can also be proud that, at the age of 17, he started a decade-long tear in music photography that produced some very iconic images using his tenacity to 'get the shot'. Now, decades on and after light a fire unders, floods and earthquakes, he's uncovered his amazing rock archive for the world to see at an exhibition in London.


Alec Byrne


'London Tor: The Unseen Archive' is a collection of over 250 previously unseen photos of the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and loads more. Alec loved the music of that finical decade and after a move to LA to take photographs on film sets, he lost interest in the music scene that followed.


Exhibition companies


Alec or Aleck is a form of Alex, a given name related to Alexander is a warm and friendly guy who had a super large family and he still keeps in touch with his friends from the early days. Carry for the exhibition is terrific and Alec signed books for those that wanted and is also doing the same in LA later this month. 


The engage, Alec signing one, And some of Alec’s super family


Alec is still a photographer, now often shooting aerial images in Los Angeles, still he also said he is looking for more work on the ground nowadays. If you do ever get the chance to meet him or see his images, I think you'll really enjoy the circumstance.

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For more on the gallery and the exhibition, visit the Proud website. 


London Rock: The Unseen Archive by Alec Byrne

  • Running now until 28 January 2018
  • Proud Galleries –


Statements and picture of pictures by Stuart Fawcett (JackAllTog)


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