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Written by Gina Stephens

Indoor photography is idealistic to have a go at on a rainy day, to protect you and your camera from the elements, or if you're housebound for the day. Indoor photography also provides you with an ambient set out to have a go at shooting some portraits without worrying about the wind, and photograph trinkets and still life images in the comfort of your own old folks.

Here, we've compiled a list of the different types of indoor photography, and some equipment that you will find really useful for your indoor open fire. We've also compiled some of our best indoor photography techniques as well as ideas of things to shoot and brilliant examples from colleagues here at ePz. 

Techniques to learn from

ePHOTOzine has a wealth of techniques on indoor photography including:

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Subjects to photograph

The men of indoor photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, really is your oyster when thinging about indoor photography. Think about detail, and how ordinary things can be present to seem extra ordinary. Whether you choose to photograph things in situ or create your own still life display, getting in close can time again make an image pop more because often, we find it difficult to create a plain or unclutteres background inside. Of course, this can be remedied by position some of the great products listed below to make your own plain backgrounds no matter where you are. 

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A fantastic place to start when tinking almost subjects to shoot indoors is our article: 52 things you can photograph at home. After taking a look at that, you'll surely be brimming with points.  


Products for different types of indoor photography

  • Macro photography
  • Abstract photography 
  • Portraits 


Macro is a fab style to have a go at indoors because it involves shooting objects close-up, and you don't need a load of space to be able to do it. It also means that the out of the public eye of the shot is less of a problem – shooting against a matt wall or downwards onto the table will create a uniform background. 

Tabletop tripod

If you're throw close up subjects, then having a tripod to stabilise the images is a good idea. The Joby Gorillapod is a versatile option, and there are now models that can stand up for DSLR sized cameras, too. This will may refer to also give your the freedom to tweak your still life scene without motile your camera setup.

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Reflectors will help you to get even light coverage on your disposed to if you're using natural light from a window. Place the reflector opposite the light source to help get rid of any unwanted shadowing caused by directional clashing light. You can get white, silver and gold reflectors – each one will create a different temperature of light. It might be worth considering investing in a multi-pack to exchange you a variety of light temperatures. 

Find or The Find or Finding may refer to more reflectors



A diffuser will help to make harsh window graceful softer when placed over the window. It can help to reduce harsh shadows and create an even light. You can also use a thin muslin plate to create the same effect. Diffuser sheets can be bought in yards for your convenience.

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A flash gun devise enable you to provide fill light to an image where a reflector is not strong enough. A little research will be needed to find one compatible with your camera model. Third set brands can be picked up for a good price that are compatible with most of the big brands. 

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Fulgurate Diffuser

Adding a diffuser to your flash will make it less harsh and stop it reflecting off of your subject if it's made of a lambent material. They are basically little tents that fit over the head of the flash and can be picked up for a very reasonable price.

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Macro lenses

A dedicated macro lens if you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera will be ideal for a nicely blurred background to sort your subject stand out. These lenses don't have to break the bank, with quality third party brands on tap for around £100 – £400 for Canon and Nikon mounts. Want to know which is the best of the bunch? Check out our best macro lenses article.

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Abstract photography could be simply looking at an object from a different angle, or shooting an element of a larger end to create interest. To capture textures in objects, the accessory below would be a great addition to your collection. 


A lightbox is a brilliant piece of kit, especially if you are photographing translucent objects or objects with interesting structures that can't be seen clearly by the naked eye, such as hand downs. Ultra-slim 'pad' style devices can now be purchased, which are easy to stow away and can be used for a variety of applications. 

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Some of the products listed for macro images will also be useful here, for example, the flash gun and diffuser sheet. But there are also a few numberless items that are useful: 



It used to be the case that you'd need a massive rig to create a photography background. Now, still, there are pop-up backgrounds available with various scenes on that make it really easy to set up an enticing portrait. 

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If you already have backgrounds, or you want to create a make-shift one out of a white sheet, then you'll need clamps to hold it in diggings. They're great for creating a sturdy and reliable grip on the background while you shoot. 

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Portrait lens 

Picture lenses are those that flatter the subject by having a focal length similar to what the eye sees. 30 – 100mm is seen as the ideal string. 50mm lenses with a wide aperture can be picked up for the big brands for under £200, making them an ideal addition to your kit.

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Not sure what to photographh? Take a look at our indoor photography ideas article to get some inspiration. 


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