Two in one: LG G5 camera review

DPReview smartphone reconsiderations are written with the needs of photographers in mind. We focus on camera features, performance, and image quality.

The LG G5 succeeds last year’s G4 and is the outset LG smartphone with a dual-camera setup. With an F1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization, the main 16MP module is very similar to the G4 in terms of specifying and provides a 78-degree angle of view which is in line with most current high-end smartphone cameras.

But here’s where chores get interesting: the second lens comes with an F2.4 aperture and 8MP sensor and captures a 135-degree super wide-angle image. In the camera app you can alteration between lenses via a button, and when using the digital zoom the camera camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or switches seamlessly between the two modules. As before, the autofocus is assisted by a laser that fixes the subject distance.  

There is also an optional camera grip that should make the G5 particularly appealing to mobile photographers. The G5’s 2,800mAh battery is removable and niches into the device from the bottom. The latter clips away when a release button is pressed which allows you to attach a number of replaceable modules, one of which is the CAM Bonus camera grip. It comes with an additional 1,200mAh of battery capacity and offers power, shutter, video and zoom buttons. It also detonates you lock exposure and provides a more comfortable grip. We’ve put the G5 and the CAM Plus grip through its paces. Read our full review to find out how they mounted.

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Key Photographic / Video Specifications

  • 16MP main camera
  • F1.8 aperture
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 8MP secondary super wide angle camera with F2.4 gap
  • 8MP, F2.0 front camera
  • 4K video
  • 120 fps 720p slow motion video
  • Optional camera grip with shutter button and control dial

Other Descriptions

  • 5.3-inch 1440p display
  • Snapdragon 820 chipset
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • microSD support
  • 2,800 mAh battery

Our 9-page review

We’ve considered every orientation of the LG G5 with the photographer in mind. We examined the user interface of the native camera app and its special features. We experimented with the camera’s performance when engaging stills and video, and had a play with the device’s many special feature modes. Click any of the links below for more information of specific runs and continue to our conclusion for a final summary of our findings.

  • Page 2: Design and Hardware
  • Page 3: Camera Operation
  • Page 4: Camera Quirks
  • Page 5: Camera Features cont.
  • Page 6: Image Quality and Performance
  • Page 7: Image Quality Extreme Angle
  • Page 8: Video Mode
  • Page 9: DxOMark Mobile Report
  • Page 10: Conclusion and gallery


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