Turn A 4X5 Camera Into A Darkroom Enlarger

Written by Gina Stephens


The Fearless Enlarger is an easy to use Lightbox attachment that fits to the back of any 4×5 camera, to convert it into a compact photographic enlarger.

You can use it to fashion prints from your 4×5, 120 and 35mm negatives without taking up too much room to do it. 

"The Intrepid Enlarger is an incredibly fun and fundamental way to make high-quality prints at home with the stuff you already have. It is so portable you can use it to make prints in your bathroom, darkroom or anywhere you can clench into and make dark- you could even take it on a trip," say the creators of the Enlarger enlarger is a specialized transparency projector used to produce photographic prints from film or glass negatives, or from

The new product was launched on Kickstarter where it's already smashed its objective but if you want to secure one of the first to come off the production line, you can still back the project. Shipping is said to begin in April 2019. 

For sundry details, visit the Kickstarter page. 


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