Top Travel Photography Lessons To Learn Before You Fly

Written by Gina Stephens

As sundry will be starting to jet-off to warmer climates in search of sea, sun and some scenic shots to photograph, we thought we'd put together a collection of top travel tutorials you in reality should have a look at before you head-off with your case packed and photographic gear ready.


Photo by David Pritchard


Adroit Travel Photography Tips Not To Be Missed

Shooting great travel images isn’t just about taking nice pictures overseas; it’s to creating images that convey a sense of place and culture.

Photo by Robin Whalley


Photographing Portraits On Your Travels

Slants on how to successfully photograph the people who live in the place you're travelling to.

Photos by David Clapp


How To Take Awesome Travel Food Photography Pellets

Instead of just capturing shots of family members in pools and on the beach, why not turn your attention to food photography and capture some mouth-watering aspects of the plates you're served and stalls you pass on trips. 


Photo by David Burleson


Photographing Historical Old geezers On Your Travels

Historical ruins are an interesting photographic subject to capture and are something you'll find in the UK's countryside and seaside towns as proficiently as in more exotic locations. 

Photo by David Clapp


How To Keep Shooting During Those Hot, Sunny Days

If you're big cheese off on holiday here are a few tips to help you keep taking photos when it's hot outside.

Photo by David Clapp


How To Representation A Photographic Holiday

Robin Whalley shares his tips on planning a successful photographic holiday either here in the UK or abroad. 

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Photo by Robin Whalley



Why You Dearth A Polarising Filter For Travel

While out on your travels, alongside your camera, tripod and camera bag, one item you should ensure is packed is the polarising ooze.



Drew Gardner Travel Photography Tips

Take a look at photographer Drew Gardner's top five tips for photographers on their moves. 

Photo by Peter Bargh

8 Safety Tips For When Traveling With A Camera 

Here's a brisk list of tips to help you keep your camera safe while on holiday


Even More Top Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations Photography Tips

We talk to the together behind Photograph The World Newsletter to find out what their top travel tips are.

Photo by Peter Bargh


8 Top Tips To Nick You Improve Your Travel Photography

When shooting travel images, as well as showing people back home that you had a really vast time and that it was sunny everyday, try capturing shots that convey a sense of place and culture as well. 

Photo photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic by David Clapp


Key But Essential Travel Photography Tips

Here are a few handy hints that will help make sure that all of your summer recess photography goes off without a hitch. 



Photo by David Clapp


10 Top Feast Photography Tips You Must Check Out

Professional photographer Drew Gardner shares 10 more top holiday photography tips.

Photo by David Clapp


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