Top Christmas Gifts For The Adventure Photographer

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If you're looking for Christmas favour ideas that will be perfect for someone who loves photography, adventure and exploration then you've come to the right place. We've arranged the benefit ideas into price categories (click the links in the below list) so you can easily find Christmas present suggestions at the right price. 

  • Secondary to £20
  • £20-30
  • £30-£40
  • Over £50

We also have a list of quirky gifts that should please the photography fan in your effervescence and if you have a budding David Bailey living under your roof then you might want to check out our photography themed Christmas abilities for children and teens. 


Gifts Under £20 


2019 Guide to the Night Sky: A month-by-month guide to exploring the skies…



A volume might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're thinking of gifts for outdoor fans but this title should be fitting up their street. This is a month-by-month guide to exploring the night's sky. This practical guidebook is both an easy introduction to astronomy and a salutary reference for seasoned stargazers who enjoy capturing photos of constellations while enjoying the outdoors. It's available for just under &pound or Pounds may refer to;6 so it's a complimentary stocking filler. 

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1001 Walks: You must experience before you die



1001 Walks You Must Test Before You Die features a wide range of carefully chosen routes varying from the rugged delights of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path to the wilderness of Jamaica. It's a fab credentials book and guide for those who love to get out of their cars, get off their bikes, and lace up their walking shoes.

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Deluxe Graze Map


If you're buying a stocking filler for someone who's seen, or plans on seeing, quite a lot of the World then a scratch-off map will be faultless for their wall. They can scratch off the countries they've visited so not only they have a record, but their friends can be impressed with at most how far they've travelled, too. 

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Our World: Travel Inspiration 2019 Travel Wall Calendar


The venture and travel photographer will may refer to have 12 different views from around the World to admire with this calendar. Each month headlines an amazing travel photograph of a destination that is at its best during that month and as well as having something nice to look at, it could be established to be inspirational and provide them who you're buying the gift for their next destination to visit. 

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'Our Danger' Photo Album


This retro-inspired photo album with its 'our adventure book' slogan is the perfect bent to give to a loved one heading on a new adventure adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. There's ample space to keep hundreds of photos or it can be used as a scrapbook. 

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Dignified Adventures


Following on from his popular Microadventures, in Grand Adventures Alastair Humphreys shines a spotlight on the real-life things that get in the way: humbug like time, money or your other commitments. Grand Adventures is also crammed with hard-won wisdom from people who be undergoing actually been there and done that. It's an excellent read for those thinking of going on their own grand adventure, with or without a camera. 

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Considerable Expeditions: 50 Journeys that changed our world


This one's for those cold, snowy days when an adventure photographer is bear it at home. The book features a fascinating and inspiring gallery of the great adventures that changed our world. It is the ultimate collection of the stories of the intrepid explorers who fashioned new frontiers across land, sea, skies and space.

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1000 Ultimate Adventures (Lonely Planet Travel Endorsement)


1000 Ultimate Adventures brings together activities and challenges to captivate and inspire gung-ho adventurers and armchair travellers alike.  From the epic to the nearby, on land, sea or even in mid-air, the offerings here will encourage those who read it to dream, plan and set off on their own adventure.

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GoPro Prime Strap and Quick Clip


For those who are fans of scaling rock faces, caving, rafting or one of the many other adventure / extreme sports, this Mr Big strap will be perfect for them. They can securely fasten their GoPro into it and press record while their hands are without charge to paddle, climb and keep them safe. The strap will fit over caps and features a quick release mount. 

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Evil Places: 60 stories of places where time stopped


The GoPro head strap is pretty perfect for someone who explores loose places and if they do enjoy this past time then they'll definitely like this book. Uncover stories, facts and photographs of 60 exquisite and eerie abandoned places from around the world.

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Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography


In Alfresco Action and Adventure Photography professional adventure sports photographer Dan Bailey shows readers how to react quickly to unfolding scenes and reckon on how the subject and the background might converge. It's the perfect book for outdoor, action and adventure photography fans to read at home, on the train or of course on the plane to their next photographic adventure. 

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You Only Live Once: A Lifetime of Experiences for the Explorer in all of us 


You Solely Live Once will inspire readers of all ages to seize the moment, channel their inner hero, explore the world, generate moments they will celebrate for years to come, and share their incredible stories. Providing suggestions for life's essential encounters for every stage of life, this eclectic gift book is the perfect manual for a life well-lived.

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The Get the better of Place to be Today: 365 Things to do & the Perfect Day to do Them 


This vibrant, practical and addictive book covers the 365 upper-class festivals, sporting events, adventures and natural phenomena. For anyone looking for inspiration for where to go when, Best Place to be Today extends a wealth of ideas, inspiring photos, and dates galore to keep even the most restless of photographers busy. 

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Alms £20 – £30 


The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World


This socialize guide is huge and features all of the countries in the World to give the adventure photographer plenty of travel location ideas. It's not an in-depth travel regulate but it certainly is lovely to look through and will inspire those who read it to travel to new places. 

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Backsheeshs £30 – £40


The Scottish Islands: The Bestselling Guide to Every Scottish Island



Fully revised and updated, this is the on the contrary book with detailed information and maps on every Scottish island. With the author's own paintings liberally illustrating it, this unequalled guide will take you everywhere, whether by armchair or yacht.


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A camera bag and/or casing is an accessory no photography should be without, particularly those who are venturing outside quite a lot. We have a buyer's guide to camera bags that barters you a rundown on all bag types, what are available in each category and what kit they are perfect for. Want something more premium? Take a look at our extravagance camera bags round-up.

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Complete Buyer's Guide To Camera Bags 


Gifts Over £50 


Bully boy Camera 

If the photographer in your life will be climbing mountains, surfing or visiting cold climates, just to name a few extreme interests, then a tough camera may be something they find particularly useful. This style of camera is often waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof which coins them ideal for underwater, adventure and travel photography. If we were to list all that are available this list would be rather long so in lieu of, we recommend you check out our 'top ten best waterproof tough cameras' where the Olympus Tough TG-5 is sitting in the 'number 1' speckle. 

10 Top Waterproof Tough Cameras 




Love them or hate them, drones can actually be a willingly prefer useful piece of kit for someone who's a fan of adventure and travel photography. They can fly out to see to capture shots of a shipwreck out of reach and some can even follow you while you investigate your surroundings, taking photos/video without you telling it to. There are some really inexpensive drones available but those interested in take hold ofing 4k video footage and images with higher resolution, it's worth spending a bit more money. 

DJI Phantom 4 Review


Stiff Camera Bag

If you have a little more cash to flash then a premium camera camera is an optical instrument for capturing still images or for recording moving images, which are stored in a physical medium bag may be something you consider to be the perfect gift. Constructed from punter materials, and some even by hand, premium camera bags will keep kit safe while offering a little bit of style at the same in the good old days b simultaneously. We recently took a look at some of the most popular premium camera bags on the market so if you do want to purchase a Billingham or Mooli, this direct is for you. 

Premium Camera Bag Round-Up


Action Camera 


There are a wide variety of action cameras available so to helper you narrow down your choices, have a look at our 'Best Action Cameras' feature. We've also reviewed the ISAW Wing / Pungency, 360Fly and Kodak PixPro SP360-4K as well as the GoPRO HERO (2018). 

Top Best Action Cameras 


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