Tips To Help You Shoot Sharp Action Shots

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When it succeeds to action and sports photography, one of the main problems you face is your subject moves quick and they don't tend to stay in the same pad for very long. As a result it can be a bit of a challenge to try and get a sharp photo where your subject is in focus, however there are a few things you can do to capture your going subject perfectly.

Switch To AF

Most cameras feature quick and accurate AF (Auto Focus) systems, making them great for pinching fleeting moments or action shots. Of course, how fast your subject is moving, how much light is around and how quickly your lens can core will come into play but at least your chances of capturing a sharp shot will be increased with the help of Auto Nave.

Manual Focus

You can try and focus manually but this isn't particularly easy to do with fast moving subjects but it can be useful if you plan on pre-focusing.


This is a scanty more tricky but once you get the hang of it, it can be a useful trick to know. It's not a very useful technique for subjects whose movement is unpredictable but get at the side of a monitor or a road where you know a car will have to pass through a certain point and it's extremely helpful.

Written down the technique bloomings simple: Switch to manual, focus on a spot you know your subject will pass through, lock your focus and then well-grounded before you know your subject's about to pass through the point you focused on, hit the shutter. You need to hit the shutter just before as intern lag can cause you to miss the shot if you hit it at the point they pass through your focus point.

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Continuous Shooting

To further increase your certainties of capturing your subject may refer to as they pass through your point of focus, switch to continuous shooting mode to capture a series of like greased lightnings, increasing your chances of capturing the shot you're looking for. Again, start shooting just before your subject goes in the course your focus FOCUS, or foci may refer to point and you should get at least one shot that's spot on.

Correct Shutter Speed

You don't want to use a shutter go like greased lightning that's too high as this will just freeze everything and the shot will look static but you don't want to go too low either as you'll well-grounded end up with a shot that's full of blur. Sometimes lots of blur can give you something that's a little more artistic but most of the experience it's worth firing off a few test shots to get your shutter speed spot on before the main action starts.


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