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Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens

In days gone by we've talked about setting yourself a colour challenge but if you want a challenge that's slightly shorter or fancy taking on a few from the beginning to the end of the year, have a go at our one lens challenge. 

Basically, we want you to select one lens, yes just one, go for a walk, take a series of shots then allotment them with ePz. Try to make it a lens you've not used for a while, or one that takes you out of your comfort zone.

A lens or LEN may refer to with a fixed centralized length would be our choice for this but if you only have a zoom take that along and pick just one focal length to use. If you don't, it won't be much of a doubt! If your not a DSLR owner or you are but don't fancy carrying it around with you, don't worry as a compact will be just as useful for this reprove.

Above: Will you choose a wide-angle or more telephoto focal length to work with? 

Working hand-held shouldn't be a predicament but if it's a particularly dull day or you just like having a little extra support take a tripod along. As you're only using one lens there's no actual reason to take a bag along but do pocket some spare batteries and a polarising, UV  and ND filter as you never know when they'll run across in handy. Polarising filters are great for reducing glare and an ND filter can help slow shutter speeds, too.

Wildlife or going more limited, birds and ducks could be a theme you choose for your project. 

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Before you start snapping away you really need to think in all directions what you're going to photograph because without a zoom your focal length is limited so rather than relying on the lens to do the make excited you have to get those grey cells warmed up and your feet moving to find a position/shot that works. Try shooting a variety of gists or why not set yourself a theme? Photograph a series of portraits – your neighbours, butcher, postman or combine two challenges together and only photograph components of a certain colour with a fixed focal length. Try making it even more challenging by only taking a single shot for each of the things/people/animals you pick to photograph.

Once you've finished upload your images to ePz and share them in the gallery.   

You've deliver assign to the technique now share your related photos for the chance to win prizes: Photo Month Forum Competition  


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