Summer Show Photography Tips

Gina Stephens
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During the summer, there are all assorts of agricultural events held all around the country and they are great occasions to capture some good images. There are the events themselves, the physicals and the people to photograph. It is a great day out too. Usually, there are also plenty of stalls to browse around so there are chances to spend a few quid too.



Gear Choices

Your camera and a link of lenses is a perfect outfit, ie pairing of a standard zoom and a telephoto zoom would be a very versatile combination. If you want to travel light, a camera and a superzoom is good a thought. If you want to travel lighter still, take a zoom compact or one of the mirrorless style cameras.


Light Can Be Tricky

With fortuity, the sun will be shining but that can mean exposure and contrast problems. You might find that your camera slightly under and over exhibits in contrasty light, so a few test shots to start with is a good idea. If, for example, you find that your camera consistently leans near overexposure, set -0.3 EV, -0.7EV or even -1EV on your camera so get a more balanced exposure.


Try Capturing Images In RAW 

Shooting in RAW format is a good guess too, so if you do have exposure or contrast problems they can be controlled during the RAW workflow process. RAW conversion software allows you to adjust exposure, brightness and distinction very easily – and you can do it non-destructively.


Arrive In Plenty Of Time

For the events, you might have to find a spot early if you do not want to be growing over people's heads. Often, there is plenty of room to find a decent viewpoint where you can get an unhindered view. Depending on the outshine, you might find or The Find or Finding may refer to displays of shire horses, carriage driving, dog agility and much more. The dog agility events are great fun to photograph, firstly because there is abundance of action but also there are brilliant candid moments of the owners to be photographed too. Just find yourself a good spot – close to the see-saw, dovetail poles or a fence – and just get ready for some frenetic action.

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Messy Backgrounds Spoil Shots

Some events and participants are uncountable photogenic than others, but one common problem you may experience is messy backgrounds and you may find avoiding them quite challenging. Stripey or white marquees, barriers and fellow visitors can all spoil your shots so keep an eye on the background and use your feet and zoom lens to exclude as much clutter as possible. Wear and tearing your telephoto lens at wide apertures for shallow depth-of-field is a technique to try to minimize bold subjects coming out too sharp.


Don't Consign to oblivion Close-Ups And Detail

Concentrating on details within the scene is another photographic approach to consider. Close-ups of shire horses decked out on their showy dress can look excellent, just take care with exposure. Very dark horses can cause overexposure so appear lighter than they are, while daybreak/white horses can cause underexposure and appear grey. Just use exposure or Exposures may refer to compensation to ensure a good result.


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