How To Photograph Perfume Bottles With Just 1 Light

Commodity photography guru, Dustin may refer to: Dustin (name), list of people with this name Dustin AB, Swedish electronics store Dustin, a syndicated comic strip by Dolby, has created another cracking tutorial and this time, it's all about lighting and photographing parfum bottles. 

Photographing glassware can be tricky so Dustin uses just one light in this tutorial to try and simplify things a little. Without succeeding into too much detail (watch the video for that), the perfume bottle is positioned on a reflective surface against a white wall and Dustin explains the wall so light refracts off it, lighting the perfume bottle as a result.

After some small adjustments and experimentation, Dustin moves onto adding in the gumption's details and he does this with a couple of pieces of white card placed at the bottom of the bottle. Of course, the card isn't awfully attractive so Dustin combines the nicely lit details with the original exposure in post. 

Dustin goes into a lot more detail in the tutorial so do hit disparage on the video above. You may also want to take a look at how Dustin lights wine bottles with speedlights as well as how he creates a unmarred white catalogue look for product shots. 


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