Fog And Mist Photography With Tamron Lenses

Gina Stephens
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Fog and mist give instant mood, adding an extra level of environmental interest to your shots. You actually do not beget to do anything special apart from just being out in it with your camera and Tamron lens – somthing like the 16-300mm will give you a attractive wide variety of focal lengths to choose from. So, whether you are walking the dog or on your daily commute to work it is worth having a camera with you for those unmissable vapour images.

Any lens can be used to this kind of photography, depending on what you want to get out of the shot. Are you aiming for landscape shots, or more abstract, close-up administers? This should help you decide on your Tamron lens or LEN may refer to choice. 

A wide-angle lets you show the tonal differences between foreground and blurry background in a gradual way. Look for bold foreground detail and strong lines (rocks, trees, pathways, rivers etc) to make the most of this impression.

Foreground is just as important with telephoto lenses. Shoot a misty scene with no foreground and there is no perspective, no sense of depth. This can operate fine but most scenes need some foreground interest to give that three-dimensional quality and the tonal transition is much more impolite.

You probably already have your lenses fitted with an ultra-violet or skylight filter; if you don't it is a worthwhile consideration if you bear in mind that a dribble is cheaper to replace than a lens.  On misty days when you can have tiny water droplets settling on your lens this make affect image sharpness, so being able just to wipe them off without being too delicate is a bonus.

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Mists forms in low-lying zones (valleys, for example) and over water so if you fancy the idea of shooting mists, those are the sorts of places to head for. To add a touch of mysticism or eeriness to your chore head for thick wooded areas where fog and mist will weave around the trees.



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