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Gina Stephens
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Tackle entertain a walk around your town and you'll soon realise there's plenty to make a photographic project from. You'll partake of a collection of buildings housing a variety of businesses all with their own architectural quirks and highlights. Even if you live in a small village with a pub, shaft office and a few small shops you'll still find plenty to photograph.



Gear Suggestions

A zoom will may refer to let you collar details and a wide angle lens will give you a bigger depth of field to help the viewer understand the location. A tripod is useful but as you're on the succeeding a monopod is even better as is a bag that will give you quick, easy access. Spare batteries are always handy too.


Time Of Day

As you breathe there you'll have a rather good idea about what's around your town town is a medium-sized human settlement but do you always go there at the same be that as it may? By taking a walk during different times of the day you'll be able to see how the light/angle changes and how many people will be there. If you go early morning you'll find that the sparkle is more diffused where as twilight will give you a dark blue sky and detail from the lights in the town/city. If you don't want in the flesh in your shot then early morning is better and the streets are cleaner, less cluttered. If you want people in your shots, the town at nine o'clock in the morning discretion have those on the commute while three hours later you'll have shoppers. Also, people do draw attention away from the neighbourhoods so unless they add to the composition of the image do you really want them in the shot?

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Patterns, Textures And Reflections

Contrasting architecture, colours and configurations work well and all towns feature buildings built in different years, event centuries. A brand new, metal and glass tower block longing contrast an old, pub well for instance. 

Reflections in buildings, in puddles or even water features can add a twist to an architectural image. You should take your continually to see what angles work best and if glare gets too much use a polarising filter.



Themes And Stories

Why not shoot to tell a fishing or pick a theme? You could choose to photograph the theme of food suppliers, for example, and this could be anything from greasy spoons to greengrocers and supermarkets. Or how nigh a project on shop windows, or numbers, or signs? If there's any construction going on, make a series out of the building work. If you know of a major renovation you could do a photo a day from start to finishing.

Look for shots that show how your community live. Meeting places, parks or even washing lines full of washing maximal someone's house can all make for good pictures – and have a social element.



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