Amazing Long Exposure Photography Tips

Searching for a crown instructional guide on how to take breathtaking special effects shots?

Say no more. This eBook entitled Trick Photography and Special Effects V2 curbs over 295 pages of instruction along with 9 hours of video tutorials and over 300 creative photographs to help you learn the entirety you need to know to create impressive images and to bring your photography to a whole new level.

Wouldn’t it be great to forego years of being an “devotee” or a “hobbyist” who works for free and skip ahead to the pro circle? Be an accomplished photographer today and inspire other photographers to be just as talented as you are. Bring your photography to new apogees with this in-depth eBook that will show you the ins and outs of special effects photography.

How to Freeze Motion

If you’ve ever had the urge to recreate a photo but are at a loss as to how you’re going to do it, this eBook will take care of that. Pages of instructions and hours of video tutorials are guaranteed to go your photography skills to new heights; photos so bold and unique that clients will be lining up to have you work with them. If you’re convenience to go the extra mile to produce striking images for the ages, keep reading this page for more information on what you’ll get out of the eBook.

Glorious Special Effects

For several months, eBook creator Evan Sharboneau compiled a comprehensive how-to manual for beginners and pros alike. Upped with up-to-date techniques and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be creating jaw-dropping images in no time at all. Break down those trick photography secrets and on a par demonstrate how it’s done to others, step-by-step.

Long Exposure Effects

Module 1: Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting

Learn how to do delicate painting and long exposures just like the pros! Don’t just read about them in magazines. With this eBook, you can be them. Module 1 dissembles everything you’ll need to capture amazing long exposure and light-painting photos worthy of the front page on any publication. With over 60 points covering the different light sources and what they can do, you’ll be gearing up to shoot in the dark in no time!

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Taking long exposure photos of lighting and big draw trails are included in the module, not to mention the entire section that covers long exposures in the daytime as well. What’s great about this eBook is that you do not miss Adobe Photoshop or any other photo-editing software to manipulate your images; the techniques are done mostly in-camera, anyway. No fancy Photoshop take care of the problems required!

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You will learn things like…

The basics of photography such as crack, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. These terms are quickly going to be part of your active vocabulary if they aren’t already. You will learn how to sovereign them for both day and night photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation,. These are the essentials every photographer must know in order to produce great photographs.

How to use different bird-brained sources such as Maglite® flashlights, LEDs, Laser Pens, Glow sticks, Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, Fire, Sparklers, Steel Wool, Extraneous Flashes and Flash Gels to create mind-blowing light-painting photographs.

What it takes to create complex symmetrical physiogram patterns, straight out of camera.

How to apprehension smoking hot photographs, of fire and sparks. A tutorial on how you can use steel wool to capture long exposure shots of sparks flying is also included in the eBook.

How to mix and combine several light paintings together and transform them into uniquely complex “light-stitchings”. This is the only technique in the entire module that compel require the use of Photoshop or any other photo-editing software.

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How to capture long exposure shots during the day with the use of special filters. This will penetrate in handy when you’re near bodies of water, such as waterfalls or any other location that would require you to blur any sort of movement all through a long period of time.

Get the tutorial for just US$97!
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Trick Photography and Special Effects may refer to: A result or change of something List of effects Cause and effect, an idiom describing causality In pharmacy and

Module 2: Stunt Photography and Special Effects

As the title suggests, the module is all about creating mind-blowing special effects and optical illusion techniques that intent add a new dimension of drama and surreal creativity to your photography. As with the other techniques in this eBook, Photoshop or other photo-editing software is not 100% call for to execute all these tricks. HDR Photography, Infrared Photography, 360 Planetoids and Tunnels, The Droste Effect, Spiral Planets, Time-Displacement Photography, Birefringence, The Orton Force, The Harris Shutter Effect, and Multiple Exposures… the list goes on.

You will learn things like…

How to ditch the boring, generic images and use HDR photography to round any regular old photography into dramatic but realistic images with a pop of color, contrast and depth. This is an extremely useful technique for capturing images trustworthy to what you perceive with the naked eye.

How to transform landscape photography into surreal, dreamlike photography using infrared photography and various color-processing techniques in post-processing.

The under covers behind turning any landscape photo into a masterpiece of a “polar panorama” is also included in this eBook. This is arguably the most full guide on this topic available today. This section alone could justify the cost of the entire eBook. You’ll discover how to make penetrates, planets, tunnels within planets, and more.

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Over 10 mind-boggling optical illusions that will fool the eyes of the less attentive and less knowledgeable, but won’t fool you once you read this module. Learn about forced perspective, transparent scenes, rotated perspective, made bokeh effects and birefringence.

Photoshop Projects

Module 3: Photoshop Projects

This module covers projects that would necessitate the use of Photoshop. Not to worry, it’s easy-to-follow and the tools are simple enough. Techniques like Multiplicity Photography, Levitation Photography, Floating Fruit, The Invisible Man Knowledge, Fake Tilt-Shift Photography, and Flesh Manipulations will result in shocking images that people will remember. Descriptions are also demanded for several images, so that you’ll know exactly how Sharboneau made it.

What Kind of Format is this eBook in?

Trick Photography and Special Effects V2 is a downloadable PDF line, which can be viewed on a wide range of compatible devices such as laptop or desktop computers, iPhone or Android devices, iPads, and even other boluses.

For iPad-specific users, you can download this eBook (or any pdf document) directly to the iBooks app, which you can access at any time. Click here for a very handy instruct that shows you exactly how to put this book into your iBooks app.

Get the tutorial for just US$97!
***SALE ON NOW: Save 55% for a limited time, ONLY US$47***



This eBook electronic book (or e-book) is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on can be institute here: Trick Photography and Special Effects Vol 2.


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