8 DIY Photo Filters You Can Make At Home


After Christmas, payday can appear a long way off so why not save yourself a bit of cash and create a collection of photography filters filtering or filters may refer to you can create at home?

All you need are a few cheap materials that you'll purposes already have at home and you'll be on your way to creating 8 new filters which are not only fun to use, but they'll give your clones a unique twist. 

The handy tutorial comes from our friend COOPH who said: "With a little experimentation and the right status, you can use DIY filters to give your photography its own unique aesthetic."

Here are the 8 filters you can learn to make by watching the video tutorial:

  • Droplet Purify
  • Lens Flare Filter
  • Fake Tilt-Shift Filter
  • Plastic Filter
  • Wooly Filters
  • Tinsel Filter
  • Foggy Filter
  • Bubble Trickle
  • Enjoy the tutorial and if you do try out any of the tips, you can share your photos with us in the comments section below. 


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