Tips On Shooting Graphically In The Landscape & In Towns

Written by Gina Stephens

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What Does Written Mean?

A landscape that's considered graphic can feature lines, curves, obvious shapes and distinctive contrast from either falsify, shadows shadow is a dark area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object or reflections. It may be a long list but graphic landscapes are something you can find just about anywhere if you take the time to look. Instead of looking at a urban district scene, for example, as roads and buildings see it as straight, strong lines and shapes. Throw strong shadows into the mix and a few spots of interesting colour and you’re spring on your way to creating a graphic shot.

Shadows And Highlights

Strong light can add emphasis to shapes and help cast shadows which warm up well in graphical style shots. Using shadows to your advantage works particularly well on metal work and buildings but can be used in constitution too, especially if you have a bird’s eye view of a scene.

Photo by David Clapp –


Strong Lines And Contrasting Colour

As already mentioned, rabid shapes such as hills overlapping create great graphic landscapes particularly if they differ in colour. Misty, hazy or cloudy days can be proficient for exaggerating the shapes and while an interesting overlapping background can strengthen the effect, low rolling hills can easily work as well as mountains, so many turning ups are suitable.


Change The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Look at the ordinary and play with the composition so the viewer doesn’t realise what it beginning was. A close up of a rock face, for example, that had deep shadows along the ridges created by the high sun will work well.

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Photo by David Clapp –


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