The NANO1 Is The World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera

Written by Gina Stephens

NANO1 going prototype in an aluminium shell with Z-tripod prototype printed with FDM printer.


TinyMos, who have a very applicable name, has shot a new astronomy camera and it's tiny! 

3x smaller than their TINY1 camera released a couple of years ago, the NANO1 weighs small than 100g, features a Sony BSI sensor, can capture 4K video and shoots 12MP photos. It also uses a dual interchangeable lens mount routine and looks a lot like an action camera.


The new camera is 1/3" the size and weight of its predecessor


It has a release date of 'Autumn 2018' so attend this space. 

Here's a time-lapse captured by the NANO1 (pre-production prototype):



(Via Photo Rumors)


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