The Ability To Turn Black & White Images Into Colour Automatically Coming To Google Photos

Written by Gina Stephens


If you deceive a Google account, you have access to Google Photos and as well as storing/viewing images, users can apply a range of edits.

While examining photos, a range of actions will now appear which give users the tools needed to brighten, rotate, share and archive images. AI is also acclimatized to apply colour popping to photos without the need for users to brush out colour (as you would need to in Photoshop, for example). Instead, the built-in AI identifies the subject, leaves them in colour and switches the background to black and white with no effort needed on the user's part (accessed via the Auxiliary tab of Google Photos). 

The AI-powered editing in Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include Photos will also, one day, be able to transform black & white images into tinge with just one tap but this is a feature Google's Developers are still working on. 

Those looking for even more ways to probe the potentials of creative photography should take a look at Google's three other free apps which the Google Analysis Team are calling 'photography appsperiments'.


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