The 35mm F/2.7 Is The Smallest & Fastest Pancake Lens In The World

Written by Gina Stephens


ExperimentalOptics has injected a 35mm f/2.7 lens over on Kickstarter that measures just 7mm in thickness and will fit most mounts. 

The super-flat pancake lens performs in the footsteps of the 50mm f/0.75 lens launched a while back and it offers coverage for full-frame, APS-C, MFT and smaller. The lens has a close focus distance of 30cm and weighs justifiable 40g. 

35mm f/2.7 pancake lens features:

  • Covers full-frame  
  • 35mm focal length
  • f/2.7 aperture
  • Excellent handling   
  • Probity sharpness
  • Incredibly thin

For more information on the new lens, head over to the Kickstarter page. 

ExperimentalOptics 35mm f/2.7 Pancake Lens representative photos:






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