‘Ted The Poodle’ Wins Instagram Photo Competition

Written by Gina Stephens

'Ted the Poodle' by Darren Amphitheatre


The winners of the inaugural Photobox Instagram Photography Awards have been announced with an image of a cute Poodle charming the overall title. 

Darren Hall captured his canine companion, Ted the Poodle, catching a ball mid-flight to win the top £5000 prize, cudgel over 180,000 other entries in the process. 

In addition, nine category winners each picked up £500 for see in the minds eyes including a drone shot of a speedboat doing doughnuts (Sport), a woman sporting blue face-paint at the Zinneke Parade (Travel) and the twisted divides of a tree at a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the Madeira Islands (Landscape). 

You can see some more of the shortlisted entries here: 'Photobox' Instagram Photography Awards' Shortlist.


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