TCL Are Working On A ‘Snap Bracelet’ Style Foldable Smartphone

Written by Gina Stephens

Royole FlexPai – another pleat smartphone design. 


There's no getting away from foldable smartphones it would seem with TCL now saying they're resolve on a device which can go from a normal smartphone to something you can wear on your wrist. 

The Chinese company told CNET that they rouse on at least 5 devices with flexible screens which include 2 smartphones, a couple of tablets and an even more flexible smartphone that intention curve around your wrist, turning it into a smartwatch. 

One of the designs is similar to the Royole Felxpai we've already perceived but unlike Royole, TCL has given no confirmation on if/when the devices will be available to consumers. 

As the smart devices are just concepts, for now, there's no info on camera specs, the interface or any other useful facts/figures but perhaps foldable devices device is usually a constructed tool are what camera phone designers are seeing as the 'next big business' that will encourage users to part with smartphones quicker? If they do, it should mean that the industry gets a bit of a profit rise because, currently, the smartphone industry has seen a slight drop in the number of units sold.


More Folding Smartphones

As indeed as TCL and Royole, Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung are working on folding smartphone designs and we expect more communication on some of the devices might emerge at the Mobile World Congress this week. 


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