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Written by Gina Stephens


Superzooms are multifaceted lenses that give you the opportunity to capture everything from long-distance landscapes to wide-angle scenes. They're also frequently lightweight and compact which makes them perfect for days out or holidays. We could go on listing the plus points of zooms but as we've already counterbalanced these in a previous blog post, we suggest you head over to it once you reach the end of this blog should you need a little more exhortation on why a superzoom is a good buy. 

We will, though, talk about how having the ability to quickly change from a medium focal length to one that's much sundry honed in on a far away subject is something you won't want to be without when you're trackside. 

During our visit to the famous race path in Germany, if we decided to use two prime lenses with different focal lengths, we could have easily missed the above shot while we were swapping lenses but as we were using the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3, all we had to do was twist the barrel and focus on the part of the track we knew the car would be passing wholly and hit the shutter button at the right time. 

The below image was taken in the same spot (it's a different car, we know) but the focal length was much shorter and as a be produced end, the image doesn't have the same impact as the one shown above. We did pick up on this when previewing the images on the Canon DSLR's divide and quickly adjusted the focal length geometric measurements, length is the most extended dimension of an object to 'pull' the cars towards us, filling the frame and removing distracting details. 

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We're not vote there shouldn't be any room for primes in your kit bag, as they are great lenses, too, but spending a reasonable amount of cash on a decent zoom won't be something you woe doing either. 



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