Tamron Blog: It’s Just A Boat

Written by Gina Stephens


As a photographer, you're quite used to friends and family saying: 'what are you photographing that for, it's just a…' in this case, it's 'precisely a boat boat is a watercraft of a large range of type and size' but an object is never 'just a (insert object)' as everything has photographic potential. 

The boat in the above shooting is old, has character and sat within the landscape, it has context and even a story about it. The top line of the boat guides the eye, sweeping it along the boat as well as the lovely hills and ditch-water in the background. Throw on a vintage filter on top of the image, as we did in Snapseed, and you've got an image that tells a story of yesteryear, installing a little nostalgia into the embodiment. 

Becuase we had a zoom in our hands we were also able to focus in on detail, include more of the landscape and, generally, just experiment with conceiving so actually, we were able to capture multiple images to add to our collection, too. 


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Gina is a photography enthusiast and drone lover who loves to fly drones, capture images and have fun cherishing them with family and friends.

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