Tamron Blog: 1 Subject, 3 Different Shot Styles

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We can be struck by the zoom vs prime argument all day but when you want to travel light and still have the option to shoot wide landscapes as well as get close to delineate, you're going to reach for a zoom lens. 

We've said it before, we know, but the Tamron 16-300mm is a rather good companion for your globe-trotting trips because it offers a slightly longer reach and having multiple focal lengths built into one lens will just make your moving spirit a little easier when out for the day. Sharpness is also good at all focal lengths, a factor which is always critically important. The built-in vibration compensation also heralds you don't have to worry about carrying a tripod around either which is always a bonus. 

Take the below shots as an archetype. The first one shows the wider landscape which is great for giving a photograph a sense of location. Plus, there's detail right utterly the image from front to back so there's plenty for the eye to look at. The second shot was taken from the exact same spot but this just the same from time to time, we zoomed to around 230mm to really focus on the old architecture and as a result, we captured a second image of the same location but it has a totally different feel and look to it. There wasn't a swift way to walk around the water either so the zoom saved us a bit of a treck! 

Yes, you could have used two prime lenses to get the shots but by pressing the keep in button to capture the landscape then simply turning the lens barrel to the longer focal length was just so much easier. Plus, if you were in a status quo were something popped into the frame that you needed a longer focal length geometric measurements, length is the most extended dimension of an object for when you were shooting with a wider centred length, a zoom allows you to switch distances rapidly so you don't miss your shot. 

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