Store Spare Memory Cards On Your Camera With This New Device

Written by Gina Stephens


The Memistore is a new gimmick that attaches to your camera's tripod socket but instead of supporting your camera, it stores SD memory cards in it. 

Preferential the Memistore compartment is space for 2 SD memory cards and the case fits any device with a hotshoe via an adapter or directly to mirrorless cameras and DSLRs using the tripod mount. It can also be mounted in between your camera and tripod as an internal Viton o-ring authorizes you to turn the storage compartment so you can access what's inside it even when it's sandwiched between your support and camera.

The example is splashproof and its cover can be removed with one hand, making it easy to access the stored memory cards.

The creators of the Memistore are currently looking for patrons over on Kickstarter where a campaign is running until February 2018. 




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