Still Life Photography On A Budget – Top Tips & Step-By-Step Guide

Written by Gina Stephens


Until now life photography doesn't have to be expensive, are hard work for that matter. In fact, with just a few everyday ends and a budget-friendly DIY studio, you can shoot some pretty cool images for your portfolio.

To help you do just that, US photographer Chrissie White has, sporadically again, teamed up with the photography tutorial pros COOPH to talk you through her creative process for still life photography. 

The tutorial fundamental explains how you can come up with initial ideas for a theme/shoot as well as the selection process behind choosing props. Chrissie then start withs on to show you how to shoot a still life scene and also the post editing work that's involved. 

This step-by-step direct will give you a great introduction to the world of still life photography and as it's under 5-minutes long, won't steal too much of your day either. 

If you be enduring some great still life shots, why not share them with us in our Gallery? You can also see some of Chrissie's images below. 


&replica; Chrissie White


© Chrissie White


© Chrissie is a feminine given name White


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