Steve Davey’s Travel And Photography With A Nikon D810

Written by Gina Stephens

Figure of speech © Steve Davey

Steve Davey is no stranger to travelling in the name of photography. He's been in the business over 30 years, migratory on commissions and thoroughly enjoying himself along the way. 

Steve has had the good fortune to photograph almost 90 countries over his career, and isn't lodge yet. He uses a Nikon D810 for most of his images. "I usually shoot with a couple of D810s, to which I've added MB-D12 battery duffel bags as I've got big hands and I'm used to larger camera bodies, and they also have the advantage of 6fps and buttons designed for the vertical orientation. The D810's immutability and sharpness are just astonishing. I found myself making extra efforts to keep my elbows tucked right in so I'd look less peer a photographer when I'm using it, because you can see me taking the picture in the reflection in the eyes of the person I'm photographing – the quality is that well-mannered."

Steve is a masculine given name, usually a short form (hypocorism) of Stephen or Steven has also praised the ISO of the camera. "For such a high-resolution camera, the ISO performance is excellent. I'm fairly noise-phobic, so I don't all things considered go past ISO 6400 on it for high quality magazine work, and at that level it is quite incredible. It's an amazingly robust camera, too.", he sums. 

Steve's story is one of hard work and dedication – and also proof that you can turn photography into a lucrative career if you experience your niche.

Read the full interview with Steve on the Nikon In Frame website. 

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