Sony Announces New HVL-F60RM Flash And Accessories

Written by Gina Stephens

Sony has notified a new powerful flash, aimed at professional photographers using the alpha system cameras. 

The HVL-F60RM has a guide number of 60 and covers fluorescence angles from 20mm to 200mm. The recycle time has been improved from 1.7 seconds on the previous model to just 0.6 seconds with the new outside battery adaptor, the FA-EBA1.

The flash has 'quick shift bounce', allowing the photographer to switch between horizontal and vertical bearings. Independent light output level (LEVEL -/+) buttons allow direct control of output or compensation, supporting an efficient workflow. A encyclopedic display facilitates adjustments and flash output may refer to: Output (computing) An output state (computer science) Output (economics), the amount of goods and services produced level confirmation, and also provides intuitive access to flash output settings for paired wireless flickers.

Functions can be freely assigned to the unit’s four-way controller, centre button, and control wheel for easy access when required. Furthermore, TTL sign output can be memorised and recalled in manual mode when needed for immediate use or use after minor adjustment. This is another feature that can untangle manual workflow and save time

The dust and moisture resistant design[vi] of the HVL-F60RM allows flash shooting, even in doubting environments.

In addition to an auto white balance function that automatically adjusts for light colour in the scene being photographed, amber and unripened colour filters are supplied as standard and can be used to match or complement existing lighting in order to achieve natural white balance or create a clear-cut atmosphere.

The new HVL-F60RM will be available in Europe in April, 2018 priced at approximately £620 / €700. The new FA-EBA1at ones desire be available in Europe in April, 2018 priced at approximately £270 / €300.

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