Smartphone + Electric Drill = Slo Mo Rotating Footage On A Budget


The COOPH work together are well-known for coming up with really cool DIY photography tricks and their latest hack certainly doesn't disappoint. 

No longer do you for a gimbal when capturing rotating footage with your smartphone, instead, all you need is a drill, a wooden block, some tape and, of speed, a smartphone. 

Essentially, you want to drill through the block until the drill bit gets stuck and the wooden block rotates with the brace and bit. You then need to tape your smartphone to the block, hit record and slowly spin the drill to capture your spinning footage. 

If you do try it, be watchful as we can imagine if you hit the drill trigger button too hard and the block may refer to could spin loose, taking your smartphone crashing to the floor with it. Or worse unmoving, come through the block to where your smartphone is…

A bit like the DIY waterproof casing hack – you do this at your own risk. 

Still, scores go the COOPH team for continuing to be incredibly creative – cheers for the ideas, guys! 


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