Small But Perfectly Formed – Meet Iggy And The Cradle

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We’ve all found times when we’ve seen a shot we want to capture, but we don’t have a camera or tripod with us. If you be dressed a smartphone to hand, that can often do the job, but sometimes it needs extra support and stability, to get that longer exposure or keep that video cutting steady. 3 Legged Thing’s new mini tripod is small and light enough to slip into a pocket or bag.

Built from rigorous ABS plastic, Iggy features an adjustable ballhead with ¼”-20 screw mount which is ideal for attaching compact cameras, tight LED lights, microphones and other accessories. Iggy comes packaged with a GoPro adapter to enable use with the popular action cams. Iggy can prop cameras and accessories up to 1.2 kg / 2.65 lb.

Further expanding its range of uses, Iggy’s legs tesselate which creates an ergonomic cope for handheld use, giving users extra reach or height when needed.

Alongside Iggy, 3 Legged Thing has introduced The Cradle, an expandable smartphone cradle which can hang on a last phones up to 80 mm / 3.15 “ wide.


The Cradle has dual ¼”-20 screw threads for attachment to a wide classify of tripods, including Iggy, and these two threads enable users to position their phone in landscape or portrait orientation – ideal for video fetches, or selfies. Combined with Iggy, The Cradle makes an ideal smartphone stand for use on planes, trains and tables.



3 Legged Instrument has made Iggy available singularly, and in multi-packs:

  • IGGY – containing one mini tripod and one GoPro mount with SRP of £19.99/$22.99
  • IGGY KIT – containing one mini tripod, one GoPro mount, and The Cradle phone holder SRP &maul;24.99/$27.99
  • IGGY KIT 2 – containing two mini tripods, two GoPro mounts, and The Cradle may refer to: Cradle (bed) Bassinet, a small bed, often on rockers, in which babies and small children sleep phone holder SRP £39.99/$44.99
  • THE CRADLE is also available as a standalone toe-hold. SRP £9.99/$12.99
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Iggy and The Cradle are available now from your local camera retailer and from 3 Legged Thing’s website.


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