Samsung Smartphone Camera Tech Could Get Even Better With Potential Corephotonics Buy

Written by Gina Stephens


Corephotonics as likely as not isn't a company you're familiar with in the smartphone world but they're actually a really important firm and Samsung are reported to be in the end interested in them. 

Based in Israel, Corephotonics specialise in developing camera tech for smartphones, particularly multi-aperture technology which tolerates us to play around with aperture/portrait effects. They have also developed a new type of lens design for use in folding smartphones and are behind the formation of a 2x/3x optical zoom lens (plus up to 4x zooms or ZOOM may refer to not yet seen in camera phones). We did see a 5x optical zoom in a smartphone design back in 2017 but it never arose and the same company, OPPO, have shared information on a 10x optical zoom smartphone this year which could appear at the MWC in Barcelona next month.

JNS is scrutinizing that Samsung is in talks to purchase Corephotonics for $150 million but there's nothing 'concrete' at the moment. 

How the achieve will change/improve the cameras built into Samsung smartphones is, obviously, still unknown but it can only be a step forward for Samsung in an ever-growing and fast-changing enterprise. 


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