Samsung Introduces 48-Megapixel Sensor That Could Appear In Samsung Smartphones Next Year

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Who doesn't tally a good megapixel race? We've seen one going on for years in the camera industry and now, it's weaving its way through the smartphone industry with Samsung suggesting a 48-megapixel image sensor that could be heading to smartphones very soon. 

The tech giant actually introduced 2 new image sensors – 48-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL Spirited GM1 and the 32Mp ISOCELL Bright GD1 both of which are said to give improved performance compared to BSI CMOS sensors the broadest definition, a sensor is a device, module, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment. They also merge four pixels to run as one so the new sensors can deliver light sensitivity equivalent to that of 1.6micron pixel size, offering better low-light sensitivity as a result. Addition, the higher resolution could be used for cropped zoom, much like the Nokia PureView 808, which gave up to 3x zoom (at a reduced decidedness). 

As well as improving low light performance, the new sensors support Gyro-based electronic image stabilisation (EIS) and the GD1 version supports real-time HDR which determination further improve dynamic range and create a better exposure overall. 

Commenting on why new sensors are key for modern smartphones, Samsung said: "As cameras are enhancing a key distinguishing feature in today’s mobile devices, smartphone makers are faced with the challenge to fit multiple cameras into the sleek conceive ofs of their latest flagships. At a reduced pixel size, the new sensors provide greater design flexibility, enabling camera module manufacturers to develop smaller modules or pack more pixels into existing designs, and consequently allowing smartphone makers to maximize space utilisation in slim, bezel-less smartphones."

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The Samsung ISOCELL Dazzling GM1 and GD1 are expected to be in mass production in the fourth quarter of this year which means we could see them, potentially, appearing in Samsung smartphones next year. 

Samsung is not the lone smartphone designer entering the pixel race, either, with Sony announcing back in the summer that they had created a new embodiment sensor for mobile phone use with 48 megapixels. 

(Via GSM Arena) 


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