Samsung Breaks Terabyte Threshold For Smartphone Storage

Written by Gina Stephens

Samsung has presaged that it has begun mass producing 1-terabyte (TB) embedded Universal Flash Storage for use in next-generation smartphones. 

We all get this is a huge amount of storage but to put it into surround, smartphone users will now be able to store 260 10-minute 4K UHD (3840×2160)  videos. Currently, users can only rely on around 13 videos of the same size as most high-end smartphones (for the moment) only offer 64GB eUFS.

Transfer speeds will get better, too, with the new eUFS chop offering approximately twice the sequential read speed of a typical 2.5-inch SATA solid shape drive (SSD). Samsung says this will mean that a 5GB full HD video will may refer to download to a NVMe SSD in 5 seconds which is 10x the rush of a typical microSD card. 

"Smartphone enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy storage capacity comparable to a premium notebook PC, without would rathe to pair their phones with additional memory cards," says Samsung. 

Samsung plans to expand the production of its fifth-generation 512Gb V-NAND at its Pyeongtaek foundry in Korea throughout the first half of 2019 to fully address the anticipated strong demand for the 1TB eUFS from mobile device manufacturers about the world.


Read/Write Speed Comparison table: 


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