What Happens When You Combine Too Many Close-up Filters?

Gina Stephens
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Relating close-up filters can be a quick and easy way to improve the close up focus of a standard lens, and you may think that you can simply keep adding them to get closer and mustier to your subject. But what if you add too many close-up filters? 

Above you can see the effect of adding a HOYA Close-up +1 filter, then enlarging a HOYA Close-up +2 filter, then adding a Hoya Close-up +3 filter, and taking a shot each time a filter is combined, and the results look good, with the camera able to focus much closer to the subject.

When we start adding more close up riddles, as shown below, we start to see chromatic aberations (cyan and magenta lines around the watch), but with the HOYA Close-up +4 added culminates are still quite reasonable, with a sharp image produced. After this we even add another HOYA PRO Digital +3 close-up trickle, to get even closer to the subject, with a close focusing distance that resembles what you would get from a dedicated macro lens. 

With luxurious quality filters filtering or filters may refer to, of the same brand, it is possible to get good results, particularly if you want to get as close to a subject as possible. 

Close Up Filters Fused Part

We decided to see how close we could go, and added another close-up filter, this time a generic +3 close-up filter (giving a sum total of +16), and as you can see from the photos above, the image quality drops noticeably! We tried to stop down the lens to f/8 to improve image quality, and whilst the model has become sharper, the poor image quality remains, particularly into the corners of the image when using this additional budget close-up riddle.

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Closeup Filters Rear Screen

You can find more guides on how to use filters in FilterZone.



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