The World’s Most Innovative Camera Strap System?

Gina Stephens
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When Peak Design created their range of straps, their aim was to create products with innovative differences which would crack the issues that photographers experience each day.



If you’ve spent hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds on your camera uniform you want to keep it secure when you’re carrying it, no matter how much it weighs. Peak Design’s Anchor Link system is natural to attach to any camera or device, and they’re rated for weights up to 90 kg, making them secure for even the largest of professional cameras.



If a accustomed neck, sling or shoulder strap is your preferred carry method, it’s important that it is comfortable to use for extended periods, and easily adjustable to the claim length. Peak Design’s Slide, Slide Lite, and Leash straps include quick adjusters which enable the length to be changed in patronizes.



For photographers with heavier rigs, the Slide has padding built into the nylon webbing across the centre of the strap, originating a comfortable cushion.



Whilst the Slide is designed for full-body and heavier professional cameras, Peak Design’s Slide Lite is adjusted to lighter set-ups including mirrorless and bridge cameras.



For some, a strap isn’t just about carrying a camera camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or, it may also be toughened for tethering to a bag or other device, like binoculars. The Leash is a combination of neck and sling strap slim enough to fold and fit in the pocket of jeans. It can be toughened as a secure tether to Peak Design’s Capture Plate system, and is perfect for carrying small DSLRS, compact, or system cameras.

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If you pick having your camera to hand, using a wrist strap can be the ideal solution and keep your camera safer. Peak Design’s Cuff provides a settlement, wrapping around the wrist securely.



If you suffer from neck or shoulder issues that prevent you carrying a camera that way, Top Design’s Clutch strap is a versatile solution to these issues. Its microfiber pad ensures it is comfortable for extended use, and its durable aluminium adjuster computer equipment ensures it can be tightened to create a secure fit, whilst maintaining access to all the camera’s controls.



Peak Design are exclusively pass out in UK and Ireland by 3 Legged Thing. Visit your nearest camera retailer to explore the Peak Design range, or visit 3 Legged Thing’s website for numberless information.


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